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Super Adobe

Wouldn’t it be great to only use on-site materials to build what you need?

Super Adobe (developed by an Iraninan architect Nader Khalili) is a dome made out of site-won ground, filled in a tube and coiled like a soft serve ice cream.

We heard that Small Earth is building a play dome Super Adobe structure in Hounslow. The dome is an outdoor classroom that shelters students from the loud noise of airplanes. 

Journal-SuperAdobe-Small Earth 01.jpg

Journal-SuperAdobe-Small Earth 02.jpg

We are now working with Julien from Small Earth at our Holland Park project, to make the cylindrical traverse wall of the Fishing Tower.

Sometimes, play ideas expand into building ideas. We’re now imagining a Super Adobe community hall, with an integrated south-facing thermal wall green house…  

Barbara Kaucky & Nozomi Nakabayashi