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Non categorisable structure

Why should a house look like a house and a play structure like a play structure?

As we walk around the city, we are used to seeing buildings and structures and identifying them as belonging to a particular category…

“What is that?” (maybe it’s a fox’s house)

“Sweetheart that’s a playground…”

“Who lives there?” (I think I can take a nap there)

“No one lives there, it’s a balcony.”

But what about the playground… can this be a place to surprise our pre-conceiving eyes and reactions?

A playground can be many things. It can be:

An elephant nose coming out from…

the bottom of an adobe tower from Yemen with…

a never-ending spiral conch shell praying tower

that grew out from a small grove of trees that all lost their leaves in the dessert. 

Journal Non categorisable structure

Musical reference

Nozomi Nakabayashi

18 March 2019