Pear Tree Street

The ground floor of this three storey residential property previously contained a self-contained flat. It was now reunited with the two upper floors. Changes to the facade and the spacious new foyer and staircase create a welcoming and generous entrance to the building.

The new ground floor also provides a guest/nanny flat, a series of enclosed courtyards and light wells and an entertainment area. It functions as the introverted and cosy counterpart to the light flooded, extroverted living quarters upstairs.
The social focal point of the entertainment area is the generously dimensioned modular leather seating landscape. The design of the upholstery allows formal seating and informal lounging arrangements in front of the fireplace. Programmable light moods change the atmospheric quality and colour of the artificial lighting.

Lush planting in the patios filters the natural light and heightens the sense of privacy and seclusion.
Location: London
Client: Private
Cost: £190,000
Status: Completed 2008
Structural engineer: Jane Wernick Associates
Contractors: Alistair Hadley Interiors Ltd
Photography: David Grandorge