Studio in the Woods - exploring landscape and aspects of place

Studio in the Woods installations are public realm installations of a different kind.
erect architecture are tutors at the annual summer school, where ideas are tested through making at 1:1. During the workshop experimental architectural installations, which reveal an aspect of place, are conceived and constructed with the students.
2013 ....
Collaborators: Invisible Studio (Piers Taylor), Meredith Bowles, Toby Lewis, Kate Darby, Gianni Botsford, Studio Weave
2013 Photography by Andy Matthews and Jim Stephenson
2011, Isle of Wight, Transition (Janus) Piece
Inspired by a small, protected natural bowl high up in the large, open valley we created a transition piece. Elevated, the individual can enjoy wide views across the valley. Beyond the ridge, one descends across a flint field, speed slows, views orientate downwards studying plants, smelling scents, relishing silence sheltered from the wind. Seating invites for a communal experience of banter and rest. Much thought went into the development of an elegant locked scissor joint.
2010, Isle of Wight, Rolling Hills Lounger:
Following on from last year we explored weaving and bending. Our group ‘produced an expressionist double curve perched on the side of the hill, a breaking wave of timber surf. This giant quiff was possible due to a network of tension ropes with one curve pulling the other into shape and vice versa. Its form enabled the wary and careful occupant to lie horizontally on a hill facing outwards or recline in the shade.’ (T.Lewis)
2009, Kemerton Gloucestershire, Canopy:
Having observed the amount of wastage during the wood cutting process in the previous year, we decided to work with waste only.
The site was the grid of the managed forest. Drawing emphasis to the missing grid points - the trees which had been felled during the forest management process a canopy was devised, which drew support from the trees, but sagged where the trees were missing, giving it its organic shape. Branches of felled trees were used for the woven structure. The canopy was installed at head height.
2008, Kemerton Gloucestershire, Badger and Sky Watching Platform:
Our group decided to build a badger watching platform in a clearing, which also offered sky watching should the badgers not turn up. Inspired by the location, set out by sight lines, our structure grew amongst the trees whilst developing connection details, different hammock solutions, building looms for weaving and making rope.