The Greenway

The Greenway project was a shortlisted proposal for an urban linear park on the Southern fringe of the Olympic development. In 2008, the Olympic Delivery Authority run a competition for the design of what was to be one of the main entry points to the Olympic site.
The Greenway offers an important route for pedestrians and cyclists, running along the top of the Northern outfall sewer by Victorian engineer Joseph Bazalgette. The elevated Greenway offers an inspiring route through East London with some fine East End views as well as panoramic views over the Olympic sites. At the time, the Greenway was characterised by neglect, low visibility and difficult access.
To realise its potential we had the following four key objectives:
Making It Specific. Creating Identity: Victorian engineering and the industrial heritage of the East End were celebrated by the scheme.

Improving Visibility, Connectivity and Orientation: Opening up views and celebrating exposure and horizon. To overcome the separation between communities and activities on either side of the elevated Greenway frequent connections we created frequent connections.

Creating Places. Being Destination: To avoid a thoroughfare, places were conceived in connection with existing and new amenities, historic views and attractions.

Involving Local Communities: The regeneration was based on a programme involving local communities to create a sense of ownership and a distinct local identity.
Location: LB Newham, Tower Hamlets, Hackney, London
Client: Olympic Development Authority
Budget: £2M
Status: Shortlisted competition entry, 2008