Kennington Park Community Hub

Located in Kennington Park the project replaces and amalgamates the existing Adventure Playground and One o’Clock Club, which are earmarked for demolition to make space for a new housing development.
The building design expresses the two functions through its juxtaposed volumes.
Roofs and walls of the building are to be clad in oxidising COR-TEN steel, which through its rich texture relates to the green, lush environment of Kennington Park.
The design investigates the idea of incorporating playability into the fabric of a building. Spaces of different scales encourage different qualities of activities. External play elements are connected into and through the building. Childhood pleasures like playing behind and under furniture, hiding inside small-scale den-like spaces, climbing on ladders and stairs, sliding on banisters are given room and help create a homely feel to the building. A high level scrambling and socialising net offers views over the biodiversity roof and into the sky and connects the building with the external play structures and playground.
Location: Lambeth, London
Client: London Quadrant and LB Lambeth (key stakeholder)
Cost: £1,300,000 (includes building)
Status: Currently RIBA workstage E
Playground design and architecture: erect architecture
Engagement: erect architecture, The Junk Orchestra, Ashley McCormick
Model: erect architecture
Photography: erect architecture