Streetlife - Community engagement and event in Robin Hood Gardens

Streetlife was an event in Robin Hood Gardens estate in Poplar, London. It happened leading up to and during the London Open House 2006. At a time when the estate had a reputation for being troubled, but had not yet been earmarked for redevelopment, the project invited the residents to reconsider their environment in order to imagine different sorts of living. The aim of the project was to aid the regeneration of the estate from within.

Robin Hood Gardens is a Brutalist council estate designed by Alison and Peter Smithson.
Inaugurated in 1972, it was conceived as housing model for the future featuring ‘streets-in-the-air’: Wide access decks designed to enable street life and facilitate encounter and community formation.
During the workshops we developed several artworks dealing with built aspects of the estate as well as multi-cultural issues. The artworks addressed issues of inhabitation, culture and exchange.
Streetlife was a live event embodying the original architectural concept. It celebrated the social potential of the estate and its architecture by staging a street fair on one of the decks. It showcased the collaborative artworks and offered refreshments and amusing activities.
Location: Tower Hamlets, London
Funding: Arts Council England
Cost: £5000
Status: Completed 2006

Collaborator: Ashley McCormick