Taking Root - Residency at the Camden Arts Centre

The Camden Arts Centre invited erect architecture to propose a nature trail in the Centre’s garden.
In collaboration with artist Ashley McCormick we curated and implemented a year-long programme of events at the gallery which explored people’s relationships with the garden throughout the seasons.
Highlights of the year included a family overnight camp in the garden and a pecha kucha event with experts: Two scientists; a poet; a psycho-geographer; and a choreographer.
The project culminated in a week long on-site residency during which the public was invited to conceive final physical interventions in the garden. The idea of participative design was pushed to an extreme when we developed a system by which participants developed models for propositions based on previous participants models. 
Several propositions were built. The interventions are the beginning of a nature trail in the centre’s garden.
Location: London
Client: Camden Arts Centre
Cost: £14,500
Status: Completed 2011-2012

In collaboration with: Ashley McCormick
Experts: Tony Canning, Augusto Corrieri, Petra Ungerer, Roberto Sanchez-Camus, Paul Lyalls
Collaborator building: Tom Hickman (Grassroots Play Ltd)