Cypress Infant School
Cypress Infant School is beautifully located on a steep hillside surrounded by mature woodlands. The school is passionate about being at the heart of its community and organised a competition to extend and refurbish the existing building with a view to extend its offer, connect its separate elements and create a welcoming frontage.
Our winning competition entry drew on the typology of a village on the hillside. We designed the extension as distinct yet connected building blocks linked by a sequence of internal spaces, like streets and squares, where communal life can take place.
We aimed to use the existing topography as a chance to create three dimensionally interesting spaces, with stairs and ramps becoming key functional elements.
Location: Croydon, London
Client: The Cypress Schools
Cost: TBC
Status: Competition win 2007
Architecture: erect architecture
Structural engineering: Hyder
Services engineering: XCO2
Photography: erect architecture