Kennington Park Adventure Playground and One o'Clock Club

The design of the Kennington Park Play Centre and Playground furthered our thinking about inhabitation and possible and acceptable degrees of continuity between building and landscape.
We started the design process by exploring the notion of a playable building, where external play structures penetrate the envelope to create unusual connections, levels and spaces.
Located in Kennington Park the project replaces and amalgamates the existing Adventure Playground and One o’Clock Club, which will be demolished to make space for a new housing development.
We worked with the existing usergroup not only on design development, but also on built installations, which would benefit the existing provision and could be moved to the new space, when it becomes available. The children eventually designed and built a sound installation together with The Junk Orchestra.
The external space for the under 5s is located immediately adjacent to the park and will be open to the public out of hours. A shared vegetable patch separates and link the age groups.
The demolition rubble on site allows us to form a landscape of mounds and valleys and inspired the theme -Below and Above-; exploring the juxtaposition of connected, cavernous, sculptural, partly underground spaces with their above ground counterparts.
The main play structure is an intensified interpretation of the many treehouses and dens we designed with the children and provides a physical link with the building.
Location: Lambeth, London
Client: LB Lambeth
Cost: £1,300,000 (includes building)
Status: Currently RIBA workstage E
Playground design and architecture: erect architecture
Engagement: erect architecture, The Junk Orchestra, Ashley McCormick
Model: erect architecture
Photography: erect architecture