Camden Active Spaces

The London Borough of Camden has one of the worst childhood obesity rates in London, with a third of all ten year olds being classed as overweight or obese.  Camden Active Spaces project is a ground-breaking initiative to deliver challenging and intriguing active spaces to several Camden schools with the specific goal of increasing pupils’ physical activity levels as a preventative healthcare initiative. 

erect architecture with Wayward engaged in thorough consultation with pupils, teachers and parents to target the most inactive user groups and inform each unique design. Together with pupils narratives were developed for the active landscapes to draw in inherently less active or confident children through games of imagining and roleplay. 
As a key element of the Active Spaces project, University College London’s sports scientists are conducting a study that monitors any change in pupil activity levels before and after the installation of the new active spaces. This will provide important data for understanding the drivers for physical activity. 

At Torriano Juniors School the Earthling kingdom nestles in a landscape of mounds into which an earthquake ripped climbable crevices. Earthlings explore the overgrown ruined city, which has fallen into their landscape as they move around a wide variety of routes. 
The Torriano Infants School playground has become the cloud kingdom. Cloud creatures emerge from a dense undergrowth, bounce from one trampoline cloud to another and scale up into the sky in the white cloud climbing structure.  
The Carlton Primary School playground has been settled by a new community. Its rapid growth has resulted in a vibrant collection of overlapping dwellings that form a complex urban landscape that its inhabitants must navigate every day. 
At Acland Burghley Secondary School we explored the students’ relationship with ignored objects across the playground. The picnic lawn is a subversion of the only exiting feature in their existing playgrounds – the picnic bench. It is enlarged, stacked and distorted to create a parkour and climbing landscape.
Location: Camden, London
Client: LB Camden 
Cost: £460K
Status: Completed
Play and landscape design: erect architecture with Wayward
Architecture cooking studio: erect architecture
Contractors: Blakedown Landscapes, Made From Scratch, Theories Landscapes
Photography: erect architecture, Wayward

Finalist Camden Design Awards 2015
Winner NLA Awards 'Health & Wellbeing' category 2016
Winner Making Space Awards 'Health' category 2016