Art Gallery, London WC2

Rodeo Arts is a modern art gallery in the heart of Soho. Erect Architecture acted as executive architects to transform the worn premises into a state-of-the-art gallery and event space. Key to the transformation was to adapt the design concept to suit the practical realities of the existing building. Layer after layer of previous owners' detritus was stripped back to create the required minimalist exhibition space whilst gently salvaging the charm and idiosyncrasies of the existing building and inserting subtle references to the origins of the new owner. Site geometries and a fast programme meant real hands-on involvement, including drawing elliptical arches in situ as 1:1 templates and mocking up complex three-dimensional junctions to be implemented instantly.
Location: London WC2
Client Rodeo 
Status: Completed
Executive architect: Erect Architecture
Concept design: Etienne Descloux  
Contractor: Interior Motives                   
Photography: Rodeo