Communities are constructed outside on our doorsteps, around daily routines that everyone undertakes. What better than a space where one common everyday chore is undertaken by all – bringing out the rubbish.

This daily task holds great potential for natural interaction between people. Combined with spaces to gather and rethink waste it becomes a fun playful activity. It can create a new playful exchange around which communities grow and expand.

Set within the RIBA and built largely from materials found in their vaults, our installation challenges the RIBA community to recycle and meet whilst doing so. As recycled waste fills the installation a new living room will gradually emerge.

The installation was a competition winning research proposal and built as part of the RIBA 'Constructing Communities' season within the London Festival of Architecture.

Commissioning body: RIBA
Structural advice: Tall Engineers
Carpentry handy man: Tom Clowney
Photography: Henrietta Williams; RIBA