Galvanising small practice with a spreadsheet... Barbara speaks to the RIBA
Barbara discussed our 'profitability' spreadsheet at the latest small practice board meeting, she was then interviewed by the RIBA to find out more! Comments from all the team included!

Check it out here

Alessandro joins Erect as we become part of the LSA practice network
Alessandro has joined us part time while he starts his studies at the London School of Architecture. Previously he worked in Barcelona and studied at the WSA. Erect Architecture have become part of the Metabolic Cities think tank within the LSA network along with other practices.

Camley Street is submitted for Planning
Camley Street Natural Park is a very unique place, and has been in the hearts and minds of many people for over 30 years. The site, a former coal drop was colonised again by nature after its abandonment. Local residents fought hard against development for this green pocket to be retained.

CSNP was managed by London Wildlife Trust since it opened in 1985, has a charm that would be hard to replicate today without feeling contrived. It feels informal and cared for, the result of a place that has evolved through many years of dedicated development by a committed group of staff and volunteers.

The development of the neighbouring King’s Cross yards, especially the newly constructed Somers Town Bridge linking Camley Street and wider Somers Town to King’s Cross Central, is an ideal opportunity to enhance Camley Street Natural Park to offer long lasting natural and educational assets to the area.

Watch this space...