Studio in the Woods - the accidental (slumbering we are quite certain) Stegosaurus

Inspired by two trees crashing into each other our group built a walkway to enable access and experience of the tangle. The journey starts balancing on a fallen tree and as the ground falls away below leads to the crash site to be clambered across before descending along the other tree. Slab wood (offcuts with bark) was carefully placed to create a tactile experience contrasting the sawn structural members. A ban of screws led the groups to investigate lashing methods - using one week's worth of punctures - inner tubes collected from our local bike shops. 
Sean, Bar,  Emma, Zoe, Ben, Tim, Tom, Peter, Amy, Claire and Angus - you were all fabulous and so enthusiastic. Even though exhaustion levels reached the sky as I am sure it did for you, too >> It was such fun and inspiration ! ! !
And to Piers and Alan for hosting our Stego and a brilliant Studio in the Woods. Find more photos of the other work and the event here.
Above photo by Jim Stephenson.
Missing the Woods!!

Susanne joins new Harrow Design Panel

Proud to be on the new Harrow Design Panel. Harrow Council launched the Panel with an inspiring event at the Royal College of Arts last week. Manifesto presentations and workshops called for 'Metroland' suburbia to become yet again a hotbed for pioneering architecture and public realm. Ideas were tested in a panel discussion with regeneration, planning and local experts afterwards. The bar has been set high. Lets fly over it now!