The crooked house is taking shape
Kilburn South Proposal invited by Architecture Foundation
The Architecture Foundation invited erect architecture to prepare a proposal to turn council premises (a single storey cabin building) into an exciting hub for regeneration in Kilburn South. Our inhabited wall of vertical allotments and a cafe would change through people's interventions (the design went hand in hand with a community engagement and building project) as the project went on. It created an exciting new facade to the cabins and communicated the ongoing change afar. For the winning proposal klick here.
erect architecture in residence at Camden Arts Centre
erect architecture will be in residence at the Camden Arts Centre. Together with artist Ashley McCormick we will explore the wild spaces of the Garden at the Centre throughout the next year.
Taking Root will kickstart with a family day on Sunday April 10th - inspired by the exhibition of Arte Povera artist Pino Pascali.
Kennington Park Play Centre submitted for planning