Kilburn play centre celebrates topping up
Though we seem to have missed the actual ceremony (was there one?), we are very excited to see the new play centre now progressing fast. It was great to enter the fully enclosed building for the first time and seeing all these thoughts built, the space is alive! For weekly updates on the entire site and external views see also the link on flickr.
Kilburn climbing frame taking shape
Bold and daring in areas, cozy and hidden in others such as the birdsnest hidden in the yew tree (skeleton visible above): The big climbing structure in the Kilburn Grange Park Adventure Playground is taking shape. The structures are exploring playing in and under trees. The big climbing tree will be craned in next week... See also for weekly updates on flickr.
The builders call it 'The Crooked House'
The name becomes gradually more obvious as the steelwork proceeds. Once the new dormer is in the crooked house will be properly crooked.
Design My Learning Space Live!
A hub of creativity and the BSEC 2010 (Building Schools Exhibition and Conference)

Students and teachers from 10 BSF schools teamed up with 10 young architecture practices to explore design ideas. The event was organised by Surface to Air in conjunction with EC Harris, Building Magazine and the RIBA Young Practitioners Panel.
Together with six keen students from Hounslow Manor School we explored the school’s ambitious brief focusing on accommodating different learning styles and facilitating communication within the school and with the wider community. Our design looked at:

- adaptable teaching spaces suitable for different group sizes and types of learning, with display opportunities to communicate ideas and project outcomes

- active circulation zones with small-scale learning and break-out spaces
- a generous and centrally located hub and meeting/studying space housing different functions for school and wider community, from e-learning café, event space to everyday study zones
- a welcoming entrance area communicating the school’s ethos and

- external spaces inspiring outdoor learning and socialising and offering a range of creative, healthy living activities for break and lesson time.
The jury highly commended our designs and we enjoyed a bottle of champagne after a fun, hectic, full-on day in the Excel Centre.
erect is now CHAS registered
It was a lot of work, but erect architecture have now been CHAS assessed and we are pleased to say that we are compliant designers. CHAS vets Health and Safety methods and procedures of professionals.
Glass extension
Keenly observed by the client, this clean-lines, no-frills glass extension to a basement flat in West London is nearing completion.