Play at BodySpaceMotion
Playing and adventure: There are still a few days left to explore a play on a different scale in the turbine hall of the Tate Modern. Robert Morris' 1971 exhibition BodySpaceMotion features giant seesaws, tubes to roll around with, spaces to squeeze yourself up into. The exhibition lasts until June 14th.
Ian Law will be showing his paintings
One of our favourite model makers is moving to Berlin. Alles Gute! But before he leaves there will be an exhibition of his paintings. Where? He will let us know soon. In the meantime - above a little taster.
Be adventurous! Get involved in the making of a new adventure playground for Kilburn Grange Park
erect architecture, Parkour Generations and The Building Exploratory are leading free, fun creative workshops in Kilburn Grange Park:

What is Adventure?
Thursday 11th June, 3.30-8pm, everyone welcome
- explore what it takes to design and build an adventure playground
- make statements and signs to share your ideas about and experiences of adventure
- explore what the new Kilburn Grange Park Adventure Playground could be and share your comments

Movement as Adventure
Tuesday, 16th June, 3.45-5.45pm open to 7-11yr olds*
Thursday 18th June, 4.30-6.30pm open to12-14yr olds*
- explore adventurous ways of moving throughout Kilburn Grange Park with Parkour Generations
(If you don’t know who they are – have a look - you will be amazed!)
Wear any training clothes and basic running shoes. Bring water.

Nature as Adventure
Wednesday, 24.6.09, 4-6.30pm for 7-14yr olds
- explore adventurous building methods to make shelters and structures with natural materials.
Wear suitable clothes as you might get a bit mucky.

Kilburn Festival
Sunday 12th July 1pm-5pm
- see the results of the creative workshops and the ways participants have informed design proposals for the new Kilburn Grange Park Adventure Playground
- share your comments
- make sunprints and bricolage
- explore adventurous ways of moving throughout Kilburn Grange Park with Parkour Generations*

All events are happening in and around the old nursery building (near the tennis courts).

* In order for unaccompanied children to take part, parents will need to complete a parental consent form, which you can obtain by calling us on the number below.

If you don’t have the chance to come along but want to share your comments email Susanne: or call 020 7033 2779.
What is adventure?
It was a great sunny afternoon when the Kilburn Grange Adventure Playground project kickstarted on site last Thursday. During the public consultation the young people (and adults) turned their ideas about adventure into signs, which were put up in the park afterwards.
Too many great ones to all mention them in this blog but above is one of our favourites (and...'hero inside you' and...'into the wild' and...'mountains' and...'hidden spaces' and...'lost' and...)
Adventures with Parkour Generations
This week young people explored adventure during two workshops with Parkour Generations. Jumping up walls, over big bolders, balancing along railings and many other things challenged the children to take (controlled) risks, learn to move in ways never explored before and explore their built environment differently.
The sessions were part of the engagement and design process for the Kilburn Grange Park adventure playground (more details below).
Cranston Estate playground opens!
Yesterday our new playground opened with much gusto in Cranston Estate, Hackney. At the core of the estate erect architecture created a new play and meet hub for the community. The design defined different degrees of nature: From the left alone to the tamed, to machined and worked natural materials. The design allows for different degrees of transformation by the users. Throughout the design process we had worked with the children to intruduce playing in nature and with natural materials. And...the first dens are now popping up around the bushy edge.
Ian Law exhibits portraits
Our favourite model maker has turned painter ... his paintings are on show next week, details above. We are looking forward to see his work.
Adventurous structures
A structural workshop happened yesterday for the Kilburn Grange Park adventure playground. The children first learned basic structural principles. After sketching proposals for structures they went on to put into practice what they had learned in the morning and build large scale models in the park, on the grounds of the future adventure playground. All structures were features the children imagined as part of the adventure playground: A tunnel was entered via a Magnolia tree, a jagged slide descended in circles around a fruit tree, a dome-den showed great structural discipline (Buckminster Fuller would have loved it!). A very poetic treehouse was completed by the leafy canopy of another Magnolia tree, a bridge was built across the path and a tower erected so tall that our structural engineer Toby could not reach the top (and he is 2.00m tall!).
The workshop was run by Tall Engineers, erect architecture and The Building Exploratory.
All structures, which survived the very intensive testing (the tunnel exploded due to overcrowding), are on show in the yard of the old nursery building.
Nature as adventure
It got very messy! During a creative workshop the children experimented making things with natural materials. The children produced amazing models of landscapes and shelters. Many techniques were tested. A straw re-inforced adobe roof (we had to study to learn that!) and a woven roof were particularly impressive, but so was the cave and rock landscape ... and the waterscape ... and the wilderness, ... and watching the many muddy hands making them.

The workshop was run by erect architecture and formed part of the consultation process for the adventure playground in Kilburn Grange Park.