Green Sky Studios
erect architecture will be part of the London Open House's Green Sky Studio programme on sustainability: 'From 24. to 26. September London's up-and-coming and established architects will be inviting you into their studios to reveal how they are helping to design a greener world.'

Sustainability for us goes beyond green credentials. It is about engaging users in a meaningful and challenging way...whilst having fun.
During the day, our recent work will be on display in our studio. But then....
.....we will all go out for an impromptu play exploring drama of public space.
Refreshments as well as accessories will be available in our studio.

Do you dare? Friday, 26. September 2008. Studio open from 4pm to 6pm, leave for the exploration at 6pm. Bring enthusiasm.
Upcoming lectures
erect architecture will give talks at
University of Bath on January 29th, 2009 (Barbara Kaucky and Susanne Tutsch)
Plymouth University on February 12th, 2009 (Susanne Tutsch)
Colourful thank-you
Shortly after our new playground opened at Old Ford Primary School a fat envelope arrived at erect architecture's studio filled with the most colourful self-made thank you cards from the pupils......very touching. Some children had immediately incorporated the new play experience into their card designs. The cross threw us - did the climbing experience feel rather challenging or was it inspired by the tall mounds? The teachers assured us of the latter.
erect architecture has revealed the theme for the GreenSkyStudio exploration: Cast-away.
Cast-away is an impromptu play exploring the drama of public space. Set on a traffic island in Shoreditch cast-away scenes are played out - responsive to the environment and its people. Cast-away inspires a different experience and inhabitation of the existing public space.